Feature Walls


Creating a new feel and tone to a rooms decor is easy with the use of a feature wall. These simple and tasteful design additions are easy to create and dont cost the earth so why not consider simply adding a feature wall into your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom… The technique is universal […]

Bedroom Decor Fascination

nursery images

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always had a fascination with remodelling my bedroom, as it was the only room in the house that I has free reign over. There is something about switching up the bearings of a space that can make you feel so much more calm inside. I painted […]

Neighbourhood Inspirations


Home improvement is an interesting thing to do when you own a house, because you are able to add value to your property while also doing something that most people enjoy. Usually, people add something like a garden or a new drive way to their house in an attempt to make their property more useful […]

Lighting any Home


When providing lighting for the home it is important to consider what purpose the lighting is going to serve. A good example of this would be when lighting the family room where you will be watching television. It would be important to not have a bright overhead light that would reflect off the screen of […]

Bedroom Improvement

The longer period of daylight in the summer is perfect for a home improvement project like bedroom improvement. Each family is unique as is each bedroom in the family dwelling. In outlining this project, it is important to consult those who sleep in the bedroom, so there are no revolts after the project is completed. […]

Improve Your Bedroom By Accessorizing With Mirrors

Even though designers often have varying opinions on style, you’ll find the majority of them agree that a mirror really can bring a room together. Mirrors have a variety of uses and can make an important contribution to the over all “feel” of the room. They can reflect and give great emphasis t o colors, […]

Childrens rooms

kids bedroom

The children room – give them a personality The children’s room is the space where you can let your imagination wander at will. You can play with textures and colours and you can create a universe where little to be happy and safe. But even when you give free rein to creativity, there are some […]

Ways to Improve Bedrooms

There are many ways to improve bedrooms. For example, if the bedroom is for children, and the bedroom happens to be small, purchasing bunk beds is a wonderful idea to save space. Another wonderful idea to make a bedroom ‘feel’ larger is to install mirrors. Matching furniture always makes a bedroom look better as well. […]

Bedroom Colour Schemes

Probably the biggest key feature in a bedroom is (surprise) the bed. The presentation of your bed when first walking in can make a huge difference in how nice and what kind of quality you perceive of your room when you walk in. First, is the bed made? Do you have nicely arranged pillows? Are […]

Fave Bedroom Colours in the UK

If you want to improve your bedroom the best way to approach the situation is to find out what you love and make it apart of your bedroom, don’t hesitate because you can always change up your room any time you want or have free time, that is the joy of having your own bedroom. […]