Dont Bring the Outside In


Yes it might seem a bit of a contradiction but, there are many ways in which the home stops the outside from coming in. Door mats might be the obvious idea here but no, we are talking more architecturally than physically. So here are the Decor Ideas teams ideas on how to make the most […]

A Home Gym?

gym at home

In this Home Improvement article, I will explain how adding weight training capabilities to my home changed my life. Being an athlete growing up, I was always involved with staying physically fit. Once I got into my adult years, I started working as a financial advisor. I combined the two areas of my expertise and […]

Neighbourhood Inspirations


Home improvement is an interesting thing to do when you own a house, because you are able to add value to your property while also doing something that most people enjoy. Usually, people add something like a garden or a new drive way to their house in an attempt to make their property more useful […]

First Home in the UK


My first house took some time in finding it. Researching prices, locations, inspecting the all the houses, and finding a reasonable interest rate. Plus all the paperwork that was involved in it. Setting up appointments to look at houses and appointments for signing the final paperwork. Going through pages and pages. Everything is detailed in […]

Your First Home…

stripping wood

My first home represented freedom: freedom from fear, freedom from economic slavery, and freedom from abuse. The road to my first home was dark, thorny and scary. I had been married two years to a husband that punched and kicked, our finances were always hairy because of his terribly poor judgement, and I lived with […]

Add Style and Flavour with Awnings

Roof coverings, canopies and awnings are a new, modern decor idea. Being popularised by many commercial and al fresco style restaurants and buildings on the high street, more and more so are now think about installing these kind of awnings and roof coverings to their homes; but what is it about these non commercial awnings […]

Home improvements

Improving or decorating home externally is more important. External improvements include working on your garden to make it look better by cropping the grasses, cutting off unwanted plants. If needed change the paint with a suitable colour. Before doing all these, make sure that the surrounding are properly cleaned. Most people evaluate a home by […]

Small but mighty Home improvements

Home improvement is a hobby I have grown to love over the last year while I have become a stay at home mom. After joining the website Pinterest, I have found a lot of great ideas for improving the home. One of the areas that I have focused on is our basement. Our basement is […]