It’s Rewarding…


Home improvement can prove to be a hassle and headache. For many, renovation takes time any money. There are two things that most of us do not have. Fortunately, if you are resourceful you can improve your home by recycling and up cycling things that you already have. Some ideas include but are not limited […]

Feature Walls


Creating a new feel and tone to a rooms decor is easy with the use of a feature wall. These simple and tasteful design additions are easy to create and dont cost the earth so why not consider simply adding a feature wall into your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom… The technique is universal […]

The Home Accessories You Need

coloured blinds

In one’s home there are a number of necessities that are essential in everyday functions. A typical UK home may contain other items that prove to be less of a necessity and more for convenience or entertainment. An example of the difference would be a frying pan as opposed to a flat-screen television. No two […]

Wall Art, Canvas & Designer Décor made easy

painting brush

Brits spend on average almost 350,000 pounds in their lifetimes on their gardens but spend more than double this amount on interior décor. Changing trends in interior design as well as the basic staple of growing older dictates that taste and the design of your home will change with time, but don’t reach for the […]

Saving not Scrimping on DIY

home heat

When improving your home you have to remember one thing, don’t skimp on the products! Whether you build a shed yourself or have cabinets installed by professionals, never cut costs on the objects you use because they will be cost-effective in the long run. Improving a home takes a lot of effort and labor, and […]

Some Cheap Decor Tips

make do and mend

When it comes to decorating on the cheap, its a great motivator indeed! The less money you have the more and more creative you may become with the things you have around you and home decor is alot about this, using things which you see in places in places which you might not see them. […]

Spray Paint Junk

gym at home

Spray paint and “junk” is the key to make any boring room into a new beautiful room. First look around and see what you have or what other people have that they don’t want, while you’re walking your dog look around the neighborhood and see if anyone is throwing anything that catches your eyes. Some […]

Decorating a Library…

home library

Decorating a library room is a great way to add charm to any home. If you don’t have a library, you can create one by implementing some decorative techniques. The first step is to find a space in the house that can serve as a good place for reading, writing, relaxing, and even socializing. Libraries […]

How to Tile a Floor

carpet removals

Tiling a floor in your home may seem like it is impossible for someone who has never done a DIY project. However, it is far more manageable than you would think. Yes, it can be very difficult when you need to cut tiles for those strange corners, or get into a nook or cranny that […]

New Carpets; How to Remove your Old…

carpet removals

Home Improvement Tips; That old carpet has been around for years, and it’s lost it’s luster, it’s not soft anymore, there are unpadded spots, and there’s some strange smell in the house. So you want to remove your carpet? It’s easier than you think, but it’s going to be messy. First thing you should have […]

Neighbourhood Inspirations


Home improvement is an interesting thing to do when you own a house, because you are able to add value to your property while also doing something that most people enjoy. Usually, people add something like a garden or a new drive way to their house in an attempt to make their property more useful […]

Getting a better deal on furniture


When it comes to buying furniture online there are so many shops and stores to choose from that to be sure you are getting the best deal is almost impossible these days. Although there are some companies who trade future on price alone, taste, style and looks all play their part in the items you […]

Which is the Best Coffee Machine for your Kitchen?

The 3 Top Instant Coffee Machines for Your Home, kitchen or business are explained below… Having an instant coffee machine in your kitchen, breakaway area or reception room can help increase your morale and productivity, and will also give guests and visitors the right first impression. Rather than having to wait for the kettle to […]

Your First Home…

stripping wood

My first home represented freedom: freedom from fear, freedom from economic slavery, and freedom from abuse. The road to my first home was dark, thorny and scary. I had been married two years to a husband that punched and kicked, our finances were always hairy because of his terribly poor judgement, and I lived with […]

4 Methods For Superb Living

Living room and dining room is probably the most important room in a home. Here it is assumed that we spend most of the day. Although today no longer happen even so, this conception appeared much because in the past, people had one TV, located in this room. In this article we present four types […]

Lighting any Home

When providing lighting for the home it is important to consider what purpose the lighting is going to serve. A good example of this would be when lighting the family room where you will be watching television. It would be important to not have a bright overhead light that would reflect off the screen of […]

Improving Your Washroom Space with Accessories

Most of us do not really pay attention to the level of detail that a washroom has to offer. Typically, we are only in there for half an hour at the most. Do we really care to have any sort of ambiance in the washroom? One might consider that many of us spend upwards of […]

Brightening a Narrow Windowless Kitchen

The kitchen can be either an easy room to dress up or a very challenging room. I find a large, open, natural lit with at least 1 window kitchen are the easiest to accessorize and to make look really nice. I wish to focus on the types of kitchens some of us are stuck with […]