Swapping to LED bulbs?


Making the change over to a more modern and eco-friendly lighting system is easier and now cheaper than you might first think due to the emerging presence of affordable, replacement LED lighting. Direct plug in and play replacement LED light bulbs are now easier and cheaper to afford than ever before and the cost of […]

Mosaic Bathroom Ideas

moziac bathroom 2

When creating a new bathroom the choice of tiles is important to the overall look, finish and fell of the installation. Deciding where top put the bath and toilet is often done before the choice of tiels and as such using mosaic tiles can add colour, depth and a distinct feel. Here we see a […]

It’s Rewarding…


Home improvement can prove to be a hassle and headache. For many, renovation takes time any money. There are two things that most of us do not have. Fortunately, if you are resourceful you can improve your home by recycling and up cycling things that you already have. Some ideas include but are not limited […]

Feature Walls


Creating a new feel and tone to a rooms decor is easy with the use of a feature wall. These simple and tasteful design additions are easy to create and dont cost the earth so why not consider simply adding a feature wall into your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom… The technique is universal […]

Saving not Scrimping on DIY

home heat

When improving your home you have to remember one thing, don’t skimp on the products! Whether you build a shed yourself or have cabinets installed by professionals, never cut costs on the objects you use because they will be cost-effective in the long run. Improving a home takes a lot of effort and labor, and […]

Some Cheap Decor Tips

make do and mend

When it comes to decorating on the cheap, its a great motivator indeed! The less money you have the more and more creative you may become with the things you have around you and home decor is alot about this, using things which you see in places in places which you might not see them. […]

Bedroom Decor Fascination

nursery images

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always had a fascination with remodelling my bedroom, as it was the only room in the house that I has free reign over. There is something about switching up the bearings of a space that can make you feel so much more calm inside. I painted […]

Spray Paint Junk

gym at home

Spray paint and “junk” is the key to make any boring room into a new beautiful room. First look around and see what you have or what other people have that they don’t want, while you’re walking your dog look around the neighborhood and see if anyone is throwing anything that catches your eyes. Some […]

Decor on a Budget

light livingroom

Home-ware & Home Accessories on a Budget Finding the right home-ware and home accessories that fit into your budget can seem like a daunting task. You may have tried before and found yourself giving up before you even got properly started. There is no reason that you can’t give it another go, and this time […]

How to Tile a Floor

carpet removals

Tiling a floor in your home may seem like it is impossible for someone who has never done a DIY project. However, it is far more manageable than you would think. Yes, it can be very difficult when you need to cut tiles for those strange corners, or get into a nook or cranny that […]

A Home Gym?

gym at home

In this Home Improvement article, I will explain how adding weight training capabilities to my home changed my life. Being an athlete growing up, I was always involved with staying physically fit. Once I got into my adult years, I started working as a financial advisor. I combined the two areas of my expertise and […]

New Carpets; How to Remove your Old…

carpet removals

Home Improvement Tips; That old carpet has been around for years, and it’s lost it’s luster, it’s not soft anymore, there are unpadded spots, and there’s some strange smell in the house. So you want to remove your carpet? It’s easier than you think, but it’s going to be messy. First thing you should have […]

First Home in the UK


My first house took some time in finding it. Researching prices, locations, inspecting the all the houses, and finding a reasonable interest rate. Plus all the paperwork that was involved in it. Setting up appointments to look at houses and appointments for signing the final paperwork. Going through pages and pages. Everything is detailed in […]

Your First Home…

stripping wood

My first home represented freedom: freedom from fear, freedom from economic slavery, and freedom from abuse. The road to my first home was dark, thorny and scary. I had been married two years to a husband that punched and kicked, our finances were always hairy because of his terribly poor judgement, and I lived with […]

Redesign Your Home

Numerous individuals who want to re-design their home hesitate to begin just in light of the fact that they don’t know or can’t generally resolve where they begin. This article is an absolute necessity read for all DIY home-enlivening hobbyists who need to assemble everything in an elegant manner without bargaining on usefulness parts of […]

4 Methods For Superb Living

Living room and dining room is probably the most important room in a home. Here it is assumed that we spend most of the day. Although today no longer happen even so, this conception appeared much because in the past, people had one TV, located in this room. In this article we present four types […]

Cast Iron Bathtub Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

How to Look After a Cast Iron Bathtub A beautiful cast iron bath makes the perfect centrepiece to any bathroom. Their delicate enamel coating is made from powdered glass fused to a high shine finish, which is easy to keep this way provided you care for it properly. If you have recently purchased a cast […]

Pillow Talk

A great way to add texture and color to a living room is by adding a pillow or two or three or four. Throw a couple on the couch or love seat or toss a big one on the floor for the kids. There is a style to match any décor and if you cannot […]