Oak Kitchens

house kitchen

Wooden kitchens give a country look to a home. Long lasting and easy to keep clean bare wood such as oak has been used in kitchens for hundreds of years and for good reason too. Depending on the style of the kitchen you wish to install a number of different grains, stains and colours are […]

Small Kitchen Ideas

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If you have a small kitchen then doing it up or re fitting a new kitchen can be hard when you want to change the design and layout… Here are some small kitchen ideas to help you along the way. these small kitchens make use of galley worktops and breakfast bars as there really is […]

Modern Kitchens

modern kitchen

Modernising your kitchen is a great way to add value to your home. It is one of the most expensive things you can buy for your house but, it is one of the best ways to add value to your home and get people interested in buying your house. With this modern kitchen you can […]

It’s Rewarding…


Home improvement can prove to be a hassle and headache. For many, renovation takes time any money. There are two things that most of us do not have. Fortunately, if you are resourceful you can improve your home by recycling and up cycling things that you already have. Some ideas include but are not limited […]

Feature Walls


Creating a new feel and tone to a rooms decor is easy with the use of a feature wall. These simple and tasteful design additions are easy to create and dont cost the earth so why not consider simply adding a feature wall into your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom… The technique is universal […]

Which is the Best Coffee Machine for your Kitchen?

The 3 Top Instant Coffee Machines for Your Home, kitchen or business are explained below… Having an instant coffee machine in your kitchen, breakaway area or reception room can help increase your morale and productivity, and will also give guests and visitors the right first impression. Rather than having to wait for the kettle to […]

Remodelling the Kitchen

So you want to remodel your kitchen but don’t know where to start. If you have any experience with tools, this could be a really fun project to jump into. First off just jump into your car, and go to a local home improvement store, and just get an idea what you want your dream […]

Countryside Kitchen at Home

In an age where many of us are looking to cut costs by cooking at home, many families are spending much more time in the kitchen than in previous decades. There are many benefits to staying in to cook a meal: you control the portion size, you control what you put into the food, and […]

Brightening a Narrow Windowless Kitchen

The kitchen can be either an easy room to dress up or a very challenging room. I find a large, open, natural lit with at least 1 window kitchen are the easiest to accessorize and to make look really nice. I wish to focus on the types of kitchens some of us are stuck with […]

Make Your Kitchen Practical

Make your kitchen practical and nicer Even if the rest of the rooms can you give to various objects in the kitchen where this option do not have, on the contrary come to mind more and more parts that could ease your work in the kitchen. However, small kitchen does not have to be a […]

10 Quick Ways to improve kitchens…

. We have often heard of the proverb ‘home is where the heart is’ and of course the words ‘home sweet home’. Home makers and most mothers love to pamper the family and make the above words a virtual reality. Amongst their many day to day activities kitchen plays a key role and often the […]

How to save on your Cooking Gas?

A hot topic over the last few months here in India has been the curb on the number of subsidized cylinders of cooking gas that is provided by the government. Yes, practically at the outset we would all agree that this is ridiculous, unthinkable and totally unacceptable. But, why would a government ever want to […]

Cafe Themed Kitchen


After purchasing a home or moving in to a new apartment or pad, it is important to start decorating your rooms with unique items that you really love. This is the fun aspect of living on your own and having your own place. Many people tend to get stressed out by all the options out […]