Feature Walls


Creating a new feel and tone to a rooms decor is easy with the use of a feature wall. These simple and tasteful design additions are easy to create and dont cost the earth so why not consider simply adding a feature wall into your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom… The technique is universal […]

New Carpets; How to Remove your Old…

carpet removals

Home Improvement Tips; That old carpet has been around for years, and it’s lost it’s luster, it’s not soft anymore, there are unpadded spots, and there’s some strange smell in the house. So you want to remove your carpet? It’s easier than you think, but it’s going to be messy. First thing you should have […]

Spruce Up Your Living Room

There are many ways to spruce up a boring or cookie cutter living room with just one accessory or item! In a standard living room you will find things such as chairs, couches, televisions, coffee tables, or the occasional bit of clutter, but none of these usually contribute to the room’s feeling of “home”. It’s […]

4 Methods For Superb Living

Living room and dining room is probably the most important room in a home. Here it is assumed that we spend most of the day. Although today no longer happen even so, this conception appeared much because in the past, people had one TV, located in this room. In this article we present four types […]

Lighting any Home


When providing lighting for the home it is important to consider what purpose the lighting is going to serve. A good example of this would be when lighting the family room where you will be watching television. It would be important to not have a bright overhead light that would reflect off the screen of […]

Using a Bookshelf to Enhance Your Living Room

Your living room’s appearance can be easily improved through the presence and careful arrangement of items on a bookshelf. Books, read or unread, have long been used to enhance the appearance of a room, as their presence lends an air of intellectual refinement to their owner, as well as creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere. Of […]

Childrens rooms

kids bedroom

The children room – give them a personality The children’s room is the space where you can let your imagination wander at will. You can play with textures and colours and you can create a universe where little to be happy and safe. But even when you give free rein to creativity, there are some […]

Living Room lighting

light livingroom

The Living Room… a place where lighting this room plays an important role in any house. And especially more so in a fancy house. Let us view a normal size living room, with a center table and two long sofas laid out, just touching each other at the corners. Now there can be a corner […]

The Living Room

The living room is one of the most used and most seen places in a home. Naturally people want this room looking nice for themselves and guests. Improving the living room in a house can be as simple as throwing away old furniture and buying new sets or as complicated as tearing down walls to […]

The Living Room – Heart of the Home

Every human earns money to build a home for his family, but after getting a home he decided his work is completed. In natural much amount of humans have the same feelings. If you make the room with peace, that will increase your life time. Your living room should be differ from other rooms of […]

Ways to Improve a Living Room

The Living room is one of the more important rooms in a house. No house is complete without a Living room. It is here that one entertains guests, have family meetings and also enjoy watching the television. This is THE room for relaxing with oneself or socializing with friends. The living room sets the tone […]

Find Modern LED Light Bulbs For Your Living Room


There are many factors to consider when shopping for the best available light bulbs for your living room. Gone are the days of using high energy, high wattage bulbs, and you can now select from a great range of bulbs that are low energy. You can also choose those that are dimmable and they even […]

Home improvements

Improving or decorating home externally is more important. External improvements include working on your garden to make it look better by cropping the grasses, cutting off unwanted plants. If needed change the paint with a suitable colour. Before doing all these, make sure that the surrounding are properly cleaned. Most people evaluate a home by […]

Living Room Design

Making a formal living area that is unique and fun to welcome your guests will say a lot about who you are and how much you value your company. Hardwood flooring with a decorative area rug sets the tone of our formal living room. Today we will decorate with the theme of birds and trees. […]

Comfortable and Affordable Sofa?

Personally when looking to purchase a couch for my living quarters, comfort is always first; then style and then couches with special features come into consideration. I’ve always adored plush and soft couches and found that to be my favorite for everyday lounging and relaxing. Some couches just scream discomfort! In my opinion, these are […]