Dont Bring the Outside In

Yes it might seem a bit of a contradiction but, there are many ways in which the home stops the outside from coming in. Door mats might be the obvious idea here but no, we are talking more architecturally than physically. So here are the Decor Ideas teams ideas on how to make the most of your garden but not have to deal with the mess.
Tip 1 – think about a porch. Porches add value and square footage to your home so why not think about having a porch added to your house. You can use the room as a place to take off your dirty shoes and wet coats and somewhere to leave your umbrella and hat. Porches are somewhat cheap but some do require permission.

There are many trades involved when it comes to building a porch as often a door and windows will need to be fitted to some kind of shell, be it a brick porch or a pre fab porch you will need a skilled tradesman who can build and join. There will be flooring and a roof on it as well as the internal decorations you need. If you want a radiator or any electric sockets in there then this is a cost to consider too.

So although a porch adds value, it can be a costly thing to build after market. By choosing a prefabricated porch you stand to save time and money but the presentation might not be as appealing to some as a brick porch.