Swapping to LED bulbs?

Making the change over to a more modern and eco-friendly lighting system is easier and now cheaper than you might first think due to the emerging presence of affordable, replacement LED lighting.
Direct plug in and play replacement LED light bulbs are now easier and cheaper to afford than ever before and the cost of these bulbs is ever reducing. Buying cheap LED bulbs might not be a good idea however as the cost in which you save initially can be undone when cheap LED light bulbs blow or become a fire risk hence in commercial premises or commercial buildings this can be twice as costly as often the cost to install LED light bulbs is greater than that in domestic homes here in the UK.

By spending a little bit more on new, branded LED bulbs like those found online you can ensure that your new lights will last and also do not present a rick of fire. And to buy the best LED bulbs possible you need to know a little bit about what you are shopping for. Here is the Lightrabbit guide to buying the best bulbs.

Know your LED Chips
LED light bulbs are in essence small computer chips which are designed to produce light at a frighteningly fast rate. Often cheap LED ublbs will flicker and this is due to the poor quality chips which are put into cheaper LED bulbs. Manufacturers such as Samsung now make high quality LED chips for use in LED bulbs and as such it is important to note what chip is inside your new LED bulbs. COB LED bulbs are known as Chip on Board LED light bulbs and these are often the most expensive LED light bulbs are they rely on a single large, high quality chip to produce and maintain the light emitted. Multiple COB LED’s can also be expensive but due to the volume of chips which are within the bulb are statistically more likely to fail.

Choose like for like replacement LED bulbs/ lamps
When it comes to swapping over to LED’s you should choose the same or similar style and fitting of lamp which is presently installed as this will ensure that the fittings and fixtures do not need changing and so keep costs low. Hence if your office has panel lighting installed then you should choose the same or similar Wattage and Size LED panel light as is currently in situ. Likewise if you are buying LED spotlight bulbs for the bathroom or kitchen then try to buy the same fixture and size LED spot lamps as are presently installed. If you are unsure as to what light bulbs you currently have installed then simply remove one of the existing bulbs and check out the details which should be printed on the side or back of the bulb. If you cannot find this information printed on your lamps then you may have to consult with a lighting professional or electrician to work out the fittings and sizes. You can also see THIS GUIDE which will tell you what base you currently have and lead you to similar based/ fitment LED replacement bulbs on sale.

Ask and Electrician
Domestic customers who are swapping their homes over to LED lighting or nowadays even Smart LED Lighting might not need to consult with an electrician but, if you are buying LED bulbs for a commercial building it can be wise to have the professional opinion of an electrician or lighting professional as to what type and style of lamps you have installed. Many common LED bulbs are cheap to buy but, large commercial buildings such as offices and warehouses, factories and public buildings may require bulbs and lamps which are custom made or designed for the application at hand. Hence by speaking to a professional who fits and installs lighting or electrical products you can avoid the pit falls and expense which may result from ordering the wrong type of lights.

Top Tip; if you are buying a large volume of replacement LED bulbs, ask for a sample light bulb or buy a single replacement bulbs so you can check the colour, light tone, lumens and wattage as well as fitting to see if you are happy with the end result.
Shop around for the best price
Finally this goes for almost any new product; shop around for the best deal. With websites stocking and selling all kinds of LED light bulbs it can be best to do your research and contact or talk to branded LED bulbs websites before you buy. Buying bulbs from Amazon and eBay might be cheap but, if you cannot get a bulk buy deal on multiple LED bulbs then it can often be cheap to approach websites directly. Hence if you are buying more than 10 replacement bulbs, by ringing around or by contacting the websites directly it can be possible to get a reduction in the on screen prices of LEDs. You may also want to check out local shops who stock and sell LED bulbs to get an idea of the product you are buying online first but remember that the best deals are often found online.